How Important is the About Us Page on an Ecommerce Site?


The About Us page on an eCommerce site serves several purposes. It can inform potential customers, increase assurance, and lead users to other parts of the site. If done well, it can guide users to the relevant features of the site. One good example is the About Us page at Heart Coffee Roasters. It has relevant CTAs that align with content without sounding transactional.

Length of page

Having a long About Us page is not only bad for SEO but also reader attention spans. Research shows that 38% of people will stop engaging with a web page with too many words. Images and white space can help break up text and make it easier to read. However, you should avoid overcrowding the page with too many photos or videos.

Brand values

Incorporating brand values on the About Us page of an ezine or eCommerce site is essential to building a successful business. This page should reflect the company’s values and mission statement. For example, JocoCups shares its vision and mission statement for the company’s future and its efforts to combat plastic pollution. It also mentions its culture and hiring policies.

The About Us page is essential to your business, whether your company is a large corporation or a small entrepreneur. While shoppers are browsing for a product, they want to learn about the company and its values. Using the right words and articulating these values helps make your brand stand out and build a positive reputation. It’s also essential to choose the right font and color scheme to match the overall branding and theme of the website.

Brand values are essential to establishing trust in a relationship. People who share the same values are more likely to maintain a good relationship. Using a company’s ‘About us page is a great way to establish trust with first-time visitors. 31% of customers say they buy a product because of trustworthiness.

Using statistics and figures is a great way to demonstrate how a company impacts the world. Use eye-catching statistics to explain the problem your business solves or highlight milestones. A company can also use a personal photo of its team to humanize the brand and give people a chance to meet the people behind the brand.

The About Us page is a vital part of your website, and a good one sets you apart from your competitors. Include a brief description of your company’s mission, values, and accomplishments. It’s essential to make your company’s story as compelling as possible.

Ultimately, brand value is tied to the customer experience and the benefits your brand offers. As a result, CRO plays a significant role in improving the customer experience and brand value. By ensuring that your website’s user experience is as satisfying as possible, you’re on the path to increasing your brand value.

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