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Looking for product copywriters? We are the right company
for you. Our product copywriters are adept at translating
product features into benefits, keeping buyer persona in
the mind. We will highlight the USPs of your products so
that visitors can differentiate your products from the rest.


We know that product description plays a vital part in the selling of a product online. Since a product is intangible on the Internet, its description informs customers about

the product. Uniqueness and originality are the key factors of a good description, which can boost your business. And on the other hand, copied and reproduced product descriptions can lead to a penalty by Google, costing you a huge price.

As you need to focus solely on your business, you won’t have time for writing descriptions for your products. Let our product copywriters handle this task. Here are some benefits of our product description writing services:

  • We have a team of experts, specialized in writing eCommerce product description writing according SEO guidelines so that your products can come on the first page of search result and boost your business sales.
  • We write easy-to-understand, informative product descriptions even for technical products
  • Our team is an expert in doing extensive research to understand the products and covers all the features of your products while offering product description writing service
  • We never reproduce the product descriptions from a manufacturer’s website or other website and keep the descriptions 100% original to safeguard you from plagiarism
  • We are expert in cutting out jargons and keeping the texts in the simplest possible language so that customers can understand the details of the products easily
  • We highlight the USP of your products to give you unique product descriptions

How You Will Get Better Product Description Writing Services?

  • We have written product descriptions for a variety of industries, such as fashion, electronics, home appliances, furnishings, etc. So we know what works best
  • Our copywriters answer every question in product descriptions, which customers might have in the mind
  • We craft product descriptions keeping your buyer persona in the mind
  • We offer a free trial of our product description writing service

Ace eComm is a leading eCommerce solutions company offering product description writing services in India.

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