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Product images are the first thing, which a customer sees while shopping
online. If an image has the capability to leave a lasting impression on a
customer’s mind, then only the customer moves forward to see other details
like price, material, availability, etc. Otherwise, he/she will ignore the product.
Such is the impact of product image on a customer’s mind in online shopping.


Needless to say, a product is intangible in the online shopping. So a customer completely relies on the product image. An eye-some image catches the attention of the customers. As a businessman, your prime objective should be to have high-quality images for all your products.

However, it is not easy to get clear, eye-catching images. Many times, product images need to be adjusted according to the demand of the e-store. Our product images editing services include, but not limited to:

  • Enhancing image quality by using the latest software applications so that you can get images with superior clarity.
  • Resizing images for a thumbnail, normal, and zoom view.
  • Adjusting tone, color, and brightness of the images
  • Removing watermarks from the images
  • Editing images with the help of advanced masking techniques, such as layer masking, transparency masking, alpha channel masking, translucency masking so that your product images can have a life like feel.
  • Editing images so that they can meet dimensions, specifications, size, file format you need for your e-store.
  • Creating shadows around product images to give the three-dimensional feel. This will give a visitor a real-like feel of the product.
  • Removing watermarks from product images.
  • Extracting product images from their backgrounds with the advanced tools.


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Whether you need product images for automobiles, consumer durables, clothing, furniture, or home appliances, our team of experts provides the same quality images.

Visual matters a lot in the virtual world. Beautiful product images increase the chances of the sale by many folds. If the images of your products don’t catch the eyes of visitors, your store won’t get much leads and customers.

So leave no stone unturned to get clear, eye-catching images for your products.

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