Magento 2

Hey folks, are you aware?

There are thousands of people who are managing and running their e-commerce stores in an amazing manner without any inconvenience.

And you know what?

Dependency is not at all a factor for certain tasks where you have to rely on the developers to get the trivial tasks done like product Migration, product data matching and duplication, product classification, product taxonomy etc.

You might be wondering:

But how is this possible?

This is the kind of additional edge you can get using the Magento platform for your e-commerce store.

What is Magento?


“Magento is basically one of the best open-source e-commerce platforms to set-up and runs an e-commerce store successfully. ”

Here open-source signifies that it is completely free of cost.

No matter how big or small the size of the business is or which industry you are in, it is a PERFECT solution to meet your e-commerce needs.

It provides numerous FLEXIBLE options to manage the store in a smoother way.

E-commerce businesses have plethora of tasks to deal with but Magento 2 provides you ease of managing product upload, product description writing, product image upload etc.

So, that you can reduce the workload and handle certain tasks in a hassle-free manner.

You can easily have control over the functionality, cart system, looks and much more, as per your convenience.

Thus, making it a popular choice among the various other e-commerce platforms. s


“According to a study, there are around 60.7% of the manufacturers and 38.1% of the retailers who do not have any kind of e-commerce site.”

This is one of the biggest reasons, extending the gaps between manufacturers and retailers.

Most importantly:

It not only impedes the business reach but also restricts the many business opportunities that may come across your way.

Therefore, you need to have a robust best e-commerce platform to run the business with ease.

And Magento has turned out to be one of the effective ones.

You might agree with the fact:

When some new version of something rolls out then definitely there is something new to explore. The new version always evolves with certain advancements.

Thus, undeniably the latest version- Magento 2 is also BETTER than the previous one.

And will help you to experience better performance while managing your store.

Let’s have a look at the features of the platform to have a better understanding of Magento 2.

Magento 2 Features


Magento 2 Features - Customization

Magento 2 is one of the flexible e-commerce platforms that can be customized as per your business requirements.

“This is because the users have ease of access and they can create their own stores with the help of ready-made extensions and coding.”

Whether it is related to order management, shipping, product sales and much more. All such extensions and tools provide you the ease of use.

Adding more to your knowledge:

Furthermore, you can enable and disable a lot of options available as per your business requirement without any compulsion.

Therefore, you can easily experience the incredible flexibility it provides due to its customizable nature.

Mobile Responsiveness:

Magento 2 Features - Mobile Responsiveness

You might not be aware:

But let me tell you, my friend…

“50% of the total e-commerce revenue comes through mobile phones.”

This is why, no matter which e-commerce platform you are using, it should be mobile responsive.

One more thing:

Even Google prioritizes and prefers to rank up mobile responsive websites.

So, without worrying about the RESPONSIVENESS, you can opt for Magento 2 and develop an attractive store.

With the responsive design layout, you do not have to take the pain to make the design mobile responsiveness.

Highly Scalability:

No matter, whether you are looking forward to a small start-up or a simple large scale Walmart store like.

“Magento 2 platform is highly scalable allowing you to expand your ecommerce store without any performance lags.”

Product uploading doesn’t always come in the number of one or two.

Sometimes you need to add product in bulk and the more you add the product, the performance issues become more apparent.

But this is not the case with Magento 2.

You know what:

This is why the tag of “Highly scalable platform” is associated with the Magento 2.

Commendable Speed:

 Magento 2 Features - Commendable Speed


Well! This is quite obvious as Magento 2 is the latest incarnation of the Magento platform.

“Using this platform, you will experience a 50% faster loading speed of pages than its previous version. “

As a result, Magento 2 is a clear WINNER in terms of speed.

Even the product pages, checkout pages, or any other catalog page never experience lags while loading.

Ultimately resulting in its power-packed PERFORMANCE.

The best part is:

Better performance ultimately leads to commendable customers’ experience.

In the end, it leads to an improvement in conversion rate too.

An Engaging Shopping Experience:

How good it feels when someone invites you personally for any specific occasion.

Isn’t it?

This is how when someone can make you feel special and persuade you indirectly to attend their occasion.

“The same kind of feel you can deliver to your existing and potential clients while running your e-commerce store on Magento 2.”

The platform allows you to segment your customers on the basis of their browsing and purchasing behavior.

Later on, you can use this information to augment product sales, build repo and strengthen your relationships with the client.


Simply, by sending PERSONALIZED messages or any other content on the basis of their behavior.

Complete Security

Magento 2 Features - Complete Security

Security is the prime component that everyone is concerned about.

There is hardly a single person who is not worried while entering their debit or credit card details.

Do you know?

Most of the time users procrastinate or drop their decision of shopping online just because they are a little skeptical about the security of their card details.

In the end, the product SALE is hampered.

“Do not give a single chance to the customers to be questionable and skeptical about the security while making payments.”

The Magento-2, best e-commerce platform ensures full security in terms of payment keeping the customer’s confidential information intact.


Managing e-commerce has always been challenging due to loads to the workload to handle.

In such a hustle-bustle, an apt best e-commerce platform gives a sigh of relief and foster effective management of the e-commerce store.

Thus, this is the need of an hour to make the right choice in the concern of an e-commerce platform.

And being the advanced version of Magento, Magento 2 is ruling the hearts of the people.

Magento has always been one of the popular choices and by enhancing its efficacy and performance, Magento 2 comes into existence.

Still, there is a lot more which you are not aware of when it comes to Magento 2, best e-commerce platform.

Just explore the above post and explore what all you are missing…

Have you ever used the Magento 2, best e-commerce platform? What all new you observed in terms of overall performance? Feel free to share it with us…