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Product Taxonomy Services @ Best Price| AceeComm

Product Taxonomy

Product Taxonomy is a crucial component for any online retail business.
Displaying products with detailed specification level information can enable
improved search, generate higher conversion rates and eventually more
sales. Product Taxonomy is necessary to collect the data on your products
in a normalized and consistent fashion.


By incorporating better taxonomy, customers can get a complete view and can easily navigate to the products information they need, resulting in fast and swift online shopping.

We at Ace eComm provide slick and efficient eCommerce Taxonomy Development Services by helping you build your taxonomy from scratch, which eventually catapults into a well-ordered and methodical catalog that supports categorization, indexing, tagging, management of content metadata and also enables searching and browsing.

Long story short; good taxonomy enables your shoppers to logically and quickly locate the product they are looking for. It is basically formation of the product category tree, and is a time consuming task which requires experts who have the domain experience.

Our Product Taxonomy Development Services include the following tasks

  • Gather product data information
  • Review and monitor the product data/categories for redundancy
  • Form the category tree, define attributes, standardize data and taxonomy mapping
  • Methodize and categorize the product according to the correct taxonomy
  • Stringent quality check on the final output

We would love to put an end to your remaining doubts by offering you a free trial!

If you still require any further assistance, just drop us an email at contact@aceecommservices.com.


What is Product Taxonomy?

Product Taxonomy refers to the process of organizing products in a proper hierarchy so as to make it easy for customers to find the product they want. We at Aceecomm develop a sleek and efficient product taxonomy that supports categorization, indexing, tagging, and management of content metadata and also enable searching and browsing.

How do you guarantee quality of work?

We at Aceecomm let our work do the talking. We have a 100% track record in managing ecommerce projects. However we understand your concern and therefore we offer free trial of all our services. We do your first task for free so you can assess our quality of work and pay only once you are satisfied.

How do I check the progress of my project?

We update you on a daily basis on the progress and milestones achieved. Even though we strive to deliver within the committed time span, there might occasional delays, although rare. You will be able to keep track of our progress through the daily reports and be informed of any delays whatsoever.

Where my Virtual Assistant would be based?

All our Virtual Assistants are based in India however; they can work in your preferred time zone.

What is your Turnaround time for Product Taxonomy service?

It all depends on the volume and complexity of work. Once you send us your requirement we evaluate the tasks along with our ecommerce product data management team and confirm the timelines. Needless, our turnaround time is swift.

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