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Suburban Street Trading Company, Pennsylvania, U.S.A


The Client

The client in question, Suburban Street Trading Company is a Pennsylvania, U.S.A based international trading company owned and operated by its founder Eric Martindale. The company primarily deals in specialty foods and luxury hair/skincare market. The company provides import/export opportunities for manufacturers and brand owners, business consultation regarding innovative selling solutions to retailers and distributor pricing to wholesalers.

The Challenge

As is evident, the client had a lot on his plate. He was overloaded with tasks and was always short of time to complete things. He felt a need to outsource so he could devote time to doing things he ought to be doing like sales etc. Besides, outsourcing core operational tasks would also allow him some ‘family time’ that he very badly needed to relax and unwind after a stressful day/week.

Moreover, the client recognized the need to be present on global e-commerce marketplaces to boost sales. Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Rakuten, Jet, Shopify…the list seemed endless. Listing, optimization, inventory management, logistics all this meant a lot of work. Of course he could automate some of the tasks through the use of software but still that didn’t eliminate the need for more hands to work. Wanting to be present everywhere doing everything at the same time would only mean chaos, confusion and ultimately failure.

He decided to approach tasks one at a time and wanted to start with Amazon and then depending on how things went with Amazon, he would think of touching other portals like Walmart, Rakuten etc.

The client signed up with Ace eComm Services as their e-commerce operations outsourcing partner.

The Solution

The client signed up with Ace eComm Services, 1.5 years ago on a package of 20 hrs/ week to leverage our expertise in e-commerce solutions.

Vivek, the account representative was assigned the following tasks to begin with:-

  • Amazon product data entry
  • Amazon listing and optimization
  • Category building and management
  • Inventory Management
  • Account reconciliation

The client’s presence on Amazon grew and Suburban Street Trading soon became one of the largest third party food sellers on Amazon. Workload grew and so did the need for expansion to other e-commerce portals like Walmart, Rakuten etc. This would mean more sales, more orders to be fulfilled, inventories to be managed to books to be reconciled.

It was impossible to do everything manually and therefore the client resorted to the use of automation software like Inventory Source for drop shipping and Informed.co boosting listings. What began as a part time contractual arrangement of 20 hours/week soon turned into a full-time arrangement.

Today Suburban Street Trading Company is trading actively through leading e-com portals like Amazon, Walmart, Rakuten etc and also providing e-commerce solution to small retailers and vendors through Ace eComm Services

It’s been 1.5 years since the journey of Ace eComm Services and Suburban Street Trading Company began and there’s still a long way to go. The client is super pleased with the team of Ace eComm Services and the account representative Vivek for smooth and sharp execution of assigned tasks. We did great with Rakuten listings and some other complex account reconciliations which has further strengthened client’s confidence in us.

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