Do you want to boost your sales on Amazon?

Amazon Product Listing Optimization is the key!!

You will get more page visits and more sales.

As the quality of your Amazon Product listing plays an important role in determining the sales. A highly Optimized page depicts that you are selling a quality product.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization is not that difficult, once you know the tactics for listing your products correctly and once you set a proper strategy you are all set to go.

Having an optimized product detail page is crucial to the ultimate success on Amazon.

We all know that there are millions of products listed on Amazon, so it is the best chance for you to show consumers why they should purchase your product only.

Without further ado let’s discuss how important your Amazon product listing is, and what important factors you must know to create a high-quality Amazon Product listing:

A consumer searches a product by entering a keyword into Amazon search bar which then gets supported with the information which you have quoted in the title.

The information can be used in your title, product descriptions, bullet points etc.

Find your Amazon ASIN

ASIN means Amazon’s Standard Identification Number. Amazon uses ASIN numbers to identify and track items of their catalog.

Therefore if you want to sell products on Amazon, you need to first identify your product’s ASIN no. You can either find the items on Amazon you need to sell or create your own.

Why does this matter??

Amazon uses this number for customers’ browse and search and therefore if you don’t use the correct number, your customer won’t find your products online.

The Product Title: Your Amazon listing First Impression

It has been seen through research studies that a title whose length is more than 200 characters will be suppressed from search and browse. So, while creating a new listing make sure you keep the title for each product less than 200 characters.

What can you incorporate into 200 characters to make it more attractive??

  • Your Brand Name
  • Appropriate Keywords
  • Size of the product if that matters
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word.
  • Spell out the measure words like Inch, Pound etc.
  • All numbers must be in numerals.
  • If the product is not available in multiple colors, do not mention it.


Product titles are an important source in search results. Therefore Write clears easily to read the title that attracts one’s attention.

Quote your main keywords in the title. Address the main product benefits in a concise manner.

What’s the best part??

It can increase the sales of the product.

The Bullet Points: Your Product’s Friend

Bullet Points also acts as a key player in attracting one’s attention and hence impact the overall search rankings only if they are informative and include keywords.

This is a great opportunity of showcasing your product in an attractive manner. Amazon provides sellers an option to use five bullet points. This is a crucial area for using optimization technique.

Customers generally pay attention to this section as it allows them to skim rather than investing time in reading wide texts.


How you can actually use this??

Use the keywords that couldn’t be used in the title. There may be a lot of keywords that can be used in your listings. Therefore the left over keywords can be inserted into bullet points.

Make the bullet points short and clear, so that one can skim that easily.

Try to solve your customer’s problem through it.

E.g.:- Easy to use, Chemical free etc.

The Product Description: Inform & Induce the ConsumerOptimize Amazon Product Listings -  Product Description

You have two options:-

First, use text only and format it with HTML or use enhanced brand content (EBC)

HTML is a standardized system generally used to achieve a particular font, color, and hyperlink effects. A product description with HTML is much easier to read than simple texts.

Tags commonly used are:-

<p> paragraph

<br> break

<b> bold

<I> italics

It has been seen that longer product descriptions provides a higher conversion rate.

It is essential that every product description should describe the major product features, like size, style etc. Other important information like exact dimensions, warranty details, should also be mentioned.Product Description Writing plays an important role in attracting consumers.

Does your Product Description persuade readers to click buy??


Next time when you are writing, remember don’t just create another product description. Instead, create description thinking about the buyers of your product.

What you can consider??

Consider how you can make your buyer’s life easier through that offer.

Capitalize specific features to draw attention.

Use powerful headings to break up your description.

Include descriptive words like beautiful, smooth, luxurious, durable etc.

You can narrate a short story to describe how your product is used.

Be Creative!!!

Just think how your product is going to change someone’s tasks. Use them in words to attract your audience.

People who are searching a product in a specific category are due to some reason, find and state it!!

The Keyword ResearchOptimize Amazon Product Listings -  keyword Research

When you are going to upload your product, Amazon will ask you for keywords. They are internal only to Amazon. Product data enrichment plays an important role here.

Are you wondering where you can find the quality keywords?

Here are some of the simple options available:

  • Just enter any product name into Amazon search e.g. t-shirt you will get a list of the top seller’s product description and the keywords used. This way you can get an idea about the trending features here.
  • Google trends: – Here you can view what’s trending and take a few of those keywords to increase efficiency.
  • Advertisements: – Various Ads you view on daily basis can be a great source of help where you can craft a perfect product description.

However, you do not need a huge list of keywords. This is considered to be spam according to Amazon.

The Product ImagesOptimize Amazon Product Listings -  Product Images

In Amazon Product Listing Optimization each product needs one or more product image. Your main primary image is the first impression of your product.

An Image can speak a thousand words”

Therefore you need to choose images appropriately that is clear, informative and attractive. Images must be capable of representing the product.

What else you have??

You have an amazing option provided by Amazon, to have one main product image and eight alternate images for listing your product on Amazon.

However, the images must be of:-

White Background only

There should not be any illustrations

You must exclude the text from the images.

Images must be 1000 pixels or larger in height or width.

Show your product in different angles with the help of images.

Image Editing plays a crucial role here.

“People are not only going to buy your product but they buy what it does for them”

Images are like your shop window.

Manage Product Reviews

Reviews are a social proof!!

Image yourself as an Amazon shopper. You are here to purchase a product.

Every product you search has some rating with some number of reviews.

Reviews depict that other people have bought the product and if the rating is also good then probably that product is popular in the market too. It is tried and tested by other buyers in the market.

Therefore you need to have a strategy to manage the product reviews. This means to get more positive reviews and manage negative reviews.

Best of all:

It can definitely make a huge impact on the sales and ranking in the market.

Offer Attractive Discounts & Schemes

Offer Attractive Discounts & Schemes

Consumers are always looking for best deals and discounts which they can appropriately get on Amazon.

A wonderful way to optimize your product listing on Amazon is to offer attractive deals to your buyers that offer your product at a discount.

What difference will that make??

It will make your products easily showable when one selects the products with a discount option.

Who doesn’t want a discount?

Offering discount makes a huge difference, as the consumers feel that they are getting a good deal. This can increase the overall sales and can uplift your ranking on Amazon.


Therefore, whether you are listing your product on Amazon for the first time or you have been listing your products on Amazon already, these tips related to Amazon Product Listing Optimization will surely help you improve the listings today.

To drive more sales on Amazon, it is essential that you optimize every aspect of your product listing in an appropriate manner.

As you know there is a lot of competition on Amazon already, so it’s important that your listings must be optimized adequately to stand out from the rest of your competitors.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization is essential for your success on Amazon and you have a better chance of achieving that by following these tips.

Remember Amazon is a search engine too!!

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