Are you lagging behind because of old strategies?

Well, here is the solution!!

You probably need to revisit your e-Bay listings and optimize them using the latest optimization techniques.

You could also use the professional EBay listing services with the best Optimization techniques.

More than 157 million users, 25 million sellers over 800 million items listed, 250+ million daily searches- one can get on this extremely renowned platform that is eBay.

It is a tremendous worldwide market place, therefore if you opt for listing your products on eBay you will get an exceptional chance for recognition in the online media and hence more sales and revenue for your business.

eBay is a marketplace where you can approach the most genuine customers.

How can you actually use this?

eBay product listing services include uploading product details to the website with different software’s and then customizing it according to the needs. Done professionally, these listings can yield fruitful results.

There are a number of sellers out there for each product and the challenge is to make your product unique and stand out from the competition. The only way you can do that is through proper and well-organized e-Bay listing.

So, here are some really awesome yet simple tips through which you can optimize eBay Product listing (Point 9 describes a unique strategy) in a better and efficient manner, hence earning more revenues:

  1. Establish a Listing Schedule – “You never get a second chance, to make a first impression”. Before you start listing your products on eBay, keep in mind the best time for starting and ending schedule of the related product. It is very important to pay attention to the days and times your items have the best performance level and start a listing schedule.

Well, why do these matters so much??

It will give you the added benefits like:

    • Better performance
    • Increased reorganization of the product
    • Continuity in functioning
  1. Catchy Item Title and Description – Every one of us has this question in our mind Does product descriptions play a crucial role?? Well, yes… What exactly are you selling?? An important question which when answered properly provides you the base for the best description.

Product Descriptions writing plays a crucial role. eBay’s product listing optimization suggests, that your product titles should use up to 80 characters only, which includes the brand name, color, material, size, and other attributes that help to describe the product.

You can add subtitles, extra keywords, warranty and other promotional activities also.

             Think About it!!

             Take into account the following points for a better description:-

  • It must have a catchy & attractive title.
  • Must clearly convey what you are selling.
  • Avoid false information, phrases and punctuations.
  • Use key words in the name headers.
  • Follow 80/20 rule which means keep 80% of the content and informational and the remaining 20% as promotional.
  • Use self-explanatory sub-titles to explain why a buyer should buy from you.
  1. Optimize eBay listing for Mobile(Mobile Optimization)

Mobile commerce is playing a highly important role for eBay sellers. It has been found in a research that 40% of the eBay transactions are globally done through mobiles these days. This provides sellers an opportunity for sellers to target products for mobile consumers, but it brings few challenges as well.

Mobile Optimization

It is very important to have clear and precise descriptions in order to display it properly for mobile site users. Use version templates that are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Use of clear and proper images is also important for your listing performance.


  1. Incorporate ISBNs when possible

These are the unique identifiers which allow a better visibility of your product when the buyers are looking for them. These help buyers to find items more clearly and thereby increasing the overall profitability.

Incorporate ISBNs

Some of these identifiers include the product’s brand name, Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) and Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) which assists shoppers to find your items when searching online.


  1. Category Management

Setting up a right category is very essential for showing up in eBay search appropriately. eBay category management pages make it easier for buyers to find the product they want. It also enables the regular updating of the catalogs.

Therefore once your product is ready with all the necessary information, it’s time to list them at the right place through choosing the correct category for more visibility of a product.

So, now your product is relevant for all searches and hence much easier to be found now!!


  1. Post two or more pictures

Based on a study, it has been found that 67% of customers agree that product images are the greatest influencer while selecting and purchasing a product online. Therefore Product Image Editing plays an important role here.

There must be at least two product images of the product that too of high quality. Create high-resolution photos that are a minimum of 1600 pixels on the longest side (height or width). This will provide you the zoom effect on the eBay listing.


Buyers love images!! Since they cannot touch and feel the product images are the next best thing.

Therefore it is recommended to take photographs from every angle and distance. The maximum limit per listing is 12 and you should make full use of it.


  1. Don’t Make Duplicate Listing

As listing plays an important role, therefore using Duplicate listing is a strict no here.

Some of you might be in a dilemma that what is a Duplicate Listing?

Simply stated, listings are considered duplicate if they are for items that have no significant difference between them. It is considered spam to create two listings of identical product with a slightly different keyword.

This is definitely not a smart way to list your product, therefore this is something that doesn’t work anymore and you can also be penalized for using it.


  1. Offer an additional 30 days return policy

Are you still lacking in making more sales?

A good return policy can solve your problem.

Offering a money back guarantee can also be a great way to increase sales for your product, but you need to ensure that you honor such a policy. Don’t do it if you can’t afford it. Not every e-commerce seller can afford it and it’s perfectly fine.

The Secret here is,

A clear return policy helps the public recognize that you are willing to stand by with the product and support them even post- purchase.

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy for all


  1. A Review plays an important role too

Our attitude towards others determines their attitude towards us

eBay has recently introduced product reviews to some listings. Reviews play a very important role as now buyers will research about the product before purchasing it.

Reviews for eBay List

This makes all Difference,

It creates confidence in listings; it is displayed as a star rating at the top and write reviews at the bottom of listings.

I will be a huge plus for you if you sell quality goods, to go extra mile for customer support and thus offer an overall great shopping experience.

If you make consumers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell six friends. If you make consumers unhappy on the internet, they can each tell 6000


  1. Keep an Eye on Competitors Listings

Do you keep a watch on your competitors?

Keep an Eye on Competitors

It is very important to watch your competition on eBay and play accordingly. So, what can you do? Search them out, Follow their sales, determine the best business practices they are working on and then finally try to adopt them.

E.g.:- If your competitor is offering goods similar to which you are selling on the same price then you need to play smart and safe by offering some additional benefits like free shipping, additional discounts etc to attract them.

Power is winning the battle over who owns your customer


  1. Offer Free Shipping

Can free shipping on your listings help boost sales on eBay?

Absolutely Yes!!

Offer Free Shipping

It is a great way to attract consumers and make full utilization of eBay product listing service. It will make a definite increase in sales.

But this is only possible when your profit margin on your sales is sufficient or you have enough opportunity of repeat orders. Think about it, so, now you can offer a fringe benefit from buying from you.

People nowadays are concerned about shipping costs, so free shipping is a great idea to opt for.

“Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement”



Using these powerful secret tips one can definitely optimize the eBay product listing services effectively that helps in gaining a competitive edge over the competitors and at the same time providing you the opportunity of revenue maximization by focusing on critical business responsibilities.

Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying


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