Sales figures, revenue, list of customers, market share, and information about company’s products/services, information about competition etc.
What is the one word that sums up all the above?

It’s Data.

Data is nothing but above information collected, reported and presented in suitable format which can then be utilized to take strategic business decisions.

Data , therefore is central to any organization big or small. The data is stored in computers in the form of facts, figures, graphs, content, videos, graphics etc which can then be used for decision-making purposes.
Therefore creating and maintaining records of such data is critical to the business. Creation and maintenance of such record is what we call data entry.

Data Entry is a critical function in any business but it’s time-consuming and requires dedicated resources.

That precisely is the reason why organizations world over are looking to outsource data entry tasks. Many multinationals across the world choose India as their destination to outsource data entry services. Ever wondered why?

Well…that’s what we are going to cover in this blog.

But before we get to the reasons as to why India is the destination of choice of data entry tasks, let us first understand what data entry entails.

What is meant by Data Entry Services?

Data entry is more than just feeding data into the system. It encompasses all data related tasks like data processing, filtering, sorting, entry, formatting, document conversion etc.

All data entry professionals therefore are expected to have basic computer knowledge and good knowledge of excel, word etc. They have to have a solid understanding of all output formats like PNG, JPG, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word and more.

Many international companies choose India for data entry outsourcing because they can get all the above services at a good price. India is like one-stop shop for all their data entry requirements with IT professionals having sound knowledge of computers, IT systems, and software applications etc which make them capable of delivering quality output.

Other Reasons which make India the Destination of Choice for Data Entry Services:-

  • Large Pool of Skilled Resources India has abundance of skilled IT professionals with both advanced and basic IT knowledge.


Moreover the Indian educational system is such that it makes the resources employment-ready thereby making it easier for companies to hire individuals. Also many schools in India teach English as the first language which again gives them an edge in the international market over other Asian counterparts like Philippines, China etc.

  • Quality Service – With skilled and qualified people working, you can be assured of the quality of service being delivered.  Indian outsourcing firms have firm QC guidelines and stringent data management policies in place which ensures accuracy and reliability of services being delivered. Moreover the sincere and positive attitude of Indians helps them deliver top quality services to clients.
  • Good Infrastructure Support – Most of urban India is very well connected when it comes telephone, broadband, mobile and telecom network etc.  Uninterrupted power supply, excellent IT infrastructure and high-speed internet are few things which are common in most of towns and cities throughout India. Moreover the fact that the Indian government is very supportive of IT consulting, Technology and Innovation with various programs and policies being put in place.
  • Round the clock support– Most BPO companies in India have a 24/7 work environment which makes it easier for international companies to avail services in their preferred time zone.


The staffs work in rotational shifts to be able to cater to clients from across the globe. For instance if a U.S client wants the services during his work hours which is 12 hour difference from India, the staff from India can work night shifts for him. Similarly, another team may be required to work in the early morning shift to cater to clients from Australia and New Zealand.

Saves Time – Data entry is non-core task for organizations yet very critical to the successful operation of the company. However getting this done in-house would require lot of dedicated resources and lot of time which could otherwise be utilized doing more productive core tasks.saves-time

Therefore outsourcing these tasks to India helps them save both time and resources and at the same time get work done by professionals much more quickly and efficiently. Also the time difference helps here as the U.S clients can assign work towards the end of their working day and they can get completed documents before the start of their shift the next day!

  • Ease of Scalability – If you are handling data entry tasks in-house, you’ll have resources in-house which mean there will be pressure to hire more people when the work piles up or there will additional pressure of idle resources during lean time. This will not be so when you outsource. Whatever the volume of work, the outsourcing firms are capable enough to handle any volume and complete the task with the same accuracy and speed. You can be flexible with the size of the team you want to hire and can upgrade or downgrade any time at ease depending on volume of work.
  • Pay only for the Work Done – Handling tasks in-house means there will be permanent expense of salaries etc irrespective of the work done. When you are outsourcing you can choose the mode of payment i.e. you can choose to pay hourly or per project basis. This essentially means that you only pay for the work done which is fair to both parties.
  • Cost –Effective – Last but not the least, cost which is main driver behind outsourcing for any business. India is a labor-intensive country with a population of over 1 billion.


Labor is cheap in India and level of education in the country ensures available of skilled labor at that price which is a big bonus for developed countries! Moreover easy access to infrastructure and other facilities make it easy for BPO companies to flourish as its cost-effective. Therefore Indian companies are in a position to offer service at par with international standards at a fraction of the cost!

To wrap up….

Little wonder then that most of outsourcing partners are Indian. The Indian outsourcing companies bring to the table many benefits for the parent company in the long run.

They don’t just offer large pool of skilled resources at a fraction of the cost but also carry an honest and sincere approach to work which is instilled in them by the India culture.

Of course one might argue that the cost effective solutions are offered by Brazil, Russia, China, Philippines as well but few countries come close to offering the level of service that India does not just in data entry but a wide variety of support functions.

If you are looking to outsource your data entry or other functions, your search for a reliable outsourcing partner ends here!

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